Month: April 2016


How Do I Fight Goliath?

imgres1At one time or another, most of us have heard about “class actions”, where groups of people claim to have all suffered a personal injury caused by a particular company or a particular drug.  Some of you may have taken Fen-Phen years ago as a diet drug, or Xarelto, or have received a hip implant from a company called DePuy Orthopedics.  Everyone knows about the Gulf Oil spill harm arising from the Deep Water Horizon failure.  How about Chinese Dry Wall? Continue reading “How Do I Fight Goliath?”


What’s My Case Worth?


Client-Interview-Damages-300x232“What’s My Case Worth?”  This is easily the most frequently asked question from a new client who has been hurt and who is often faced with injuries that prevent him from working, mounting medical bills and uncertainty about the case will ultimately end for him. First and foremost you should know that no responsible attorney can tell, at the beginning of a case, what the case is worth. Continue reading “What’s My Case Worth?”