8 Sure Fire Ways To Kill Your Case – Part 1

The successful outcome of your injury case a year from now, has a lot to do with what you do NOW.  We will have enough to do fighting with the insurance company, the adjuster, perhaps defense attorneys, medical providers and reluctant witnesses, to keep us busy trying to make sure that you get treated fairly for what happened to you.  You can help the process by being mindful of a number of things that the other side will use against you, so that you don’t give them ammunition to use to kill your case.

This article is broken into two parts due to its length and has been abbreviated, but you may download a complete copy of the Booklet, “8 Sure Fire Ways To Kill Your Case” from the website located at www.sandlerlaw.net.

accident scene1.         Fail to Get Information at the Injury Site.  If you have been in a collision, fallen, or suffered some other injury, you are, no doubt, spinning in confusion about what to do, and the adrenaline rush isn’t helping.  But information developed at the crash scene is often critical in determining exactly what happened, and many, many times, it CANNOT be duplicated or learned later.

BE CAREFUL what you say to the other driver and to the officer.

BE AWARE of what the other driver, passengers or witnesses say to you.

You can’t rely on the officer for information, they investigate crime, not accidents.

Pay attention to the location and layout, they change over time.

Take photos of the scene, cars, street, etc.  They are worth 1000 words.

Download the Crash Took Kit, just in case, from www.sandlerlaw.net

2.         Visit your Lawyer BEFORE your Doctor.   I know that at the scene, and after you leave, there are a million questions that you need answers to from a lawyer.  But if you visit a lawyer before you seek medical attention, the other side will want to claim that you weren’t really hurt and that the only reason you went to a doctor is because your lawyer said you have a case.  If you can, get medical attention first, then get legal help.  You are right, it doesn’t make sense, but don’t give them the ammunition.  I tell clients all the time, “If you felt like you did, and there was no crash, would you go to the doctor?”  If so, then go.

3.         Save Money on Insurance.  There are often times when the insurance coverage for the person who harmed you, simply is not enough to provide you with a fair recovery.   In those circumstances your lawyer will be looking to your available policies for uninsured motorists coverage, medical payments coverage, and other benefits to protect you.  DON’T SKIMP on your own policy.  Start thinking that the coverage you get on your vehicle is actually to protect YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.  You will be surprised to find that 4 times the coverage may only cost 15% more than what you are spending now.

chicken and fox4.         By All Means, Talk to the Adjuster.  I shouldn’t have to say this, but the commercials for insurance companies try to convince you that they are your friends and THEY AREN’T.  Insurance companies are only in business to NOT PAY CLAIMS.  They make their money by taking in premiums from insured persons and then NOT PAYING CLAIMS.  If they don’t pay, they make profits, and that’s why they are in business.

Don’t give the adjuster a recorded statement.  They will claim that they HAVE to have it to process  the claim, but only want it to use your words against you later on.

Don’t sign any documents giving the insurance company the right to get your medical records from your health care providers.

Don’t believe them when they tell you that their driver admitted fault so you don’ t need a lawyer.  Most cases are fought over the amount of damages, not fault, and you will need help.

Don’t accept a quick settlement and sign a release.  Once you release your rights, there is no further recovery possible, even if something new comes up later on.

Talking to the adjuster for the person who hurt you about your claim so he can help, is like the chicken asking the fox to tell her what is the best way to get eaten!!  CALL A LAWYER and let your lawyer talk to the adjuster, that is what you have him for.

Don’t forget to visit the blog post for Part 2 of this article, so you can help your attorney get you the full and fair recovery that you deserve.