Auto/Truck Collisions

When we take to the road, we trust that the drivers around us will obey the law and rules of the road to keep us and our families safe. Unfortunately, every day, thousands of collisions occur due to careless, inattentive, and reckless drivers. They may be talking on their cell phones, playing with their radios, eating, daydreaming, driving aggressively, or just not paying attention.

And who pays? You do, the victim of someone else’s carelessness and inattention.

After a collision occurs, it is critical that you speak with an attorney BEFORE you call the insurance company. At the Sandler Law Group, it is our job to give you trusted information to prevent the insurance company from making you a victim a second time.

Our attorneys will prevent the insurance companies from stripping you of your opportunity to receive the fair compensation that you deserve for the injury you suffered. Insurance companies spend a fortune on television commercials and use catchy lines to make you think that they are there to help, but they have enormous resources to beat down your claim. Our firm will make sure that you aren’t made to feel like the bad guy, like you have no right to seek the recovery that you deserve.

If you or your loved one has been the victim of a crash, call Sandler Law Group now at (757) 627-8900 or click one of our “Ask About It” links to communicate directly with an attorney from our office. Your initial consultation is always free, and if we accept your case, we won’t get paid a fee unless you do. Also take time to visit our Resources page, where you can download our Auto Crash Toolkit or our book, “8 Ways to Kill Your Case.”

Call today, as the time to file your claim is limited by law. We look forward to serving you.