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Fired for Facebook Comment

Predictably, because this video was seen on Facebook, the responses to whether an employee could or should be fired for expressing their opinions on social media were slanted in favor of the employee.  Whether your termination from work will give rise to a claim is why you should CALL SANDLER LAW GROUP FIRST at 757-627-8900, because your claim is always going to be based on your specific facts.

But in this video, understand a few things:

First, in Virginia an employer may fire a worker without reason, unless there are contractual rights that protect the employee.

Second, the first amendment DOES NOT APPLY, as it only controls the governments restrictions on speech, not private restrictions

Third, just because you HAVE an opinion does not mean you should OFFER IT!.  People today forget that what you choose to say has consequences, and if you choose to say it, be prepared to accept these consequences, both good and bad, because you can’t control the reaction of others.

What’s My Case Worth?


Client-Interview-Damages-300x232“What’s My Case Worth?”  This is easily the most frequently asked question from a new client who has been hurt and who is often faced with injuries that prevent him from working, mounting medical bills and uncertainty about the case will ultimately end for him. First and foremost you should know that no responsible attorney can tell, at the beginning of a case, what the case is worth. Continue reading “What’s My Case Worth?”

What If I Am Injured Due to the Negligence of a Common Carrier?

What If I Am Injured Due to the Negligence of a Common Carrier?Let’s start with what a “common carrier” is. A “carrier” is someone who transports people or goods.  Examples include taxis, ferries, airplanes, and buses.  There are two types of carriers, common and private. A common carrier may be thought of as a public carrier, in that it must accept a passenger or delivery if the fee is paid.  It cannot pick and choose. Continue reading “What If I Am Injured Due to the Negligence of a Common Carrier?”