Motorcycle Collisions

“I Never Saw Him!” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a driver who just caused a crash involving a biker say that.

Most of the collisions between a bike and a car occur when the car is turning left across the path of the bike. Drivers don’t see bikes, despite the noise generated by the bikes and the headlights that never turn off. This is called a “failure to keep a proper lookout.” It is negligence, and if it causes you harm, you have the right to be treated fairly for suffering that harm.

Drivers have a responsibility to keep a proper lookout for all anticipated users of the road system, including bikers. There are no simple injuries in a motorcycle crash; the effects are immediate, often severe, often permanent and sometimes fatal.

Greg Sandler rides a Harley, and because he rides, he understands what bikers face on the road. He knows the dynamics of operating a bike safely, and he has heard car drivers and insurance companies blame the bikers repeatedly:

  • “I heard how loud your bike was. You must have been flying.”
  • “Well, you tried to avoid a more severe crash and never hit the car.”
  • “You should have seen the car turning and swerved out of the way.”

ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!  But without a lawyer who knows what it is like to ride, you may not recover for your injury.

There are plenty of misconceptions about motorcycles. Most people don’t understand how bikes are handled, shifted, braked, and steered, and they don’t understand what happens to a bike and its rider when confronted with an emergency caused by someone else. All of these misconceptions must be corrected by the lawyer fighting your case.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash, you need a lawyer who can put the insurance adjuster and the jurors on your bike with you, so that they will give you the full and fair recovery that you deserve. Greg Sandler is that lawyer.

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