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What Is a Negligence Case?

Have you ever called someone NEGLIGENT because they cut you off in traffic? Many people use the word negligence, but under Virginia law, this word has a very specific meaning. In fact, all new law students study negligence because the American civil justice system depends on it.

To win a negligence case in Virginia, the person suing, known as a plaintiff, must PROVE four things:
1. That the person who injured him had a duty to exercise ordinary care toward him;
2. That the person who injured him breached, or violated, that duty;
3. That the person’s acts or failure to act caused the plaintiff’s injuries; and
4. That the plaintiff was damaged in some way. Continue reading “What Is a Negligence Case?”

But How Much Is My Case Worth?

crystal ball

When you come to see me the day after you’ve been in a crash, my answer is always going to be “I don’t know. What does your crystal ball tell you?”.  Because a crystal ball is exactly what you would need to be able to see into the future of your life to determine how badly you were really harmed by that crash.  The point is that we will know when the time is right. Continue reading “But How Much Is My Case Worth?”