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$18 Million – What Happens When They Really AREN’T On Your Side

The next time that you hear one of the multitude of commercials on television, where the kindly spokesperson tells you that their insurance company wants to be your friend and that they are there to help you like your best buddy, feel free to yell back at the TV, because you won’t want to believe this.

After a 16 year fight, and 2 trials, a Judge in Pennsylvania ruled that Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company had violated the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, and had acted in Bad Faith, when it, get this, dragged out a vehicle property damage claim, for 18 YEARS, and spent $2.5 Million in legal fees to avoid paying a claim of LESS THAN $25,000.00.  No this is not one of those “made up Stella award” cases.  This is the result in the case of Berg v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., PICS No. 14-0999, in the Berks County Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania, issued recently.

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How Reckless is Reckless Driving?

Reckless Driving

And the answer Alex is, “What is 80 mph”. The changes over time on our interstate highways in Virginia, to speed limits ranging from 55 mph to 65 mph and even to 70 mph, have left some drivers confused as to just how much trouble they can get into when they fail to pay attention to the speed limit. The confusion was brought home recently by a client who was traveling on Interstate 95 heading through Emporia. The speed limit was 70 mph and, according to the kindly state trooper that stopped him, he was traveling at 81 mph. To my client’s shock and surprise, the trooper handed him a traffic summons citing him with Reckless Driving. He was ready for the speeding ticket for driving 11 miles over the limit, but knew he wasn’t driving recklessly. So here he was, in my office, afraid he was going to jail. Continue reading “How Reckless is Reckless Driving?”