“I help injured people get their lives back”

Extensive Experience and Advanced Legal Training

Greg Sandler has over 30 years of experience representing those who have been injured due to the actions of others. Greg keeps his skills razor-sharp, completing advanced legal training to serve you better through:

  • National College of Advocacy at Harvard University
  • American Association for Justice Advocate
  • Brain Injury Association
  • Virginia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Norfolk/Portsmouth Bar Association

Greg also knows how important strong relationships are to good lawyering. He is active in legal organizations such as the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice. Remember, your case is only as strong as your attorney.

Compassion and Respect for Those Who Have Been Injured

At Sandler Law Group, we consider it a privilege to be selected as your lawyers. We have extensive experience earned over decades working with victims of injury and their loved ones. We have seen, firsthand, the devastating effects of negligence and wrongdoing, and we are here to champion your cause through the legal system.

Victims of injury suffer a wide range of consequences, including car and property damage, bodily injuries, and lost work time. Sometimes, the ultimate loss is suffered: Loss of life. Too often, adding insult to all of this are overdue medical and other bills and accusations that you, as the victim, somehow caused the accident.

When you need help, when you have questions, Sandler Law Group is here. We recognize that we work for you, and we’ll always treat you with compassion and respect.

We Don't Receive A Fee If You Don't Receive A Recovery

Free Initial Consultation

At Sandler Law Group, we believe in earning our money. If we don’t recover money for you, you don’t pay us a legal fee.

When you hire us, an experienced injury lawyer will review your case with you in a free initial consultation. We know that lawsuits are complicated and emotionally draining, and our lawyer will give you an honest opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Don’t delay in calling. The law provides specific time limits to file your claim. You are entitled to a full and fair recovery for your injuries, and we’ll help you get your life back.

Serving Virginia Beach and the Surrounding Areas

The attorneys and staff at Sandler Law Group have helped thousands of people regain their lives after injuries and losses. Our office serves Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton, and Newport News, as well as Richmond, Chesterfield, Suffolk, and Fairfax. We can also associate with other attorneys to provide you assistance and representation in other areas who understand your cause all over the country. Call us today to learn more. We can help you right the wrong.

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Learn About It!

On our sidebar, you’ll see links to free publications that you can use to educate yourself about legal issues. At Sandler Law Group, we have compiled information on many topics of interest to injured persons. Take advantage of these resources so that you may make intelligent decisions about the future of your case or legal matter.


At Sandler Law Group, we have compiled information on many topics of interest to injured persons. Take advantage of these resources – including our blog pageso that you may make intelligent decisions about the future of your case or legal matter.

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Ask About It!

Throughout our website, you’ll see links that say: “Ask About It”. Click on that link to send us a direct, confidential email. Your email will be answered by a knowledgeable injury attorney who will help you understand or resolve your concern.  If you prefer, you can send a direct email to GSandler@Sandlerlaw.net .  You can also find more information in our blog articles and on our Facebook page at facebook.com/GSandlerLaw.

You may also call us, at any time, at 757-627-8900 , or toll-free at 800-9-THE-LAW. It would be our privilege to help you regain control of your life after someone else’s actions have caused you harm.

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Greg Sandler

“If a client’s case cannot be resolved by settlement, under circumstances where the client receives full and fair compensation for his or her injuries, then a trial before a jury is where we go to achieve the fairness that the client deserves. So I take the position, at the beginning of the case, that it WILL be heard by a jury, and preparation for that trial begins on day one.”

Greg Sandler
Greg Sandler

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